Imaginary Museum

In this museum, fiction and reality are mixed together. Despite this, it does not lose value. Sometimes, the lack of certainties and precise information is compensated for by imagination.

We propose a journey through the past of our America. A journey where you will find multiple Americas, not just one.

An ancient America, impenetrable to European mentality. A mixed America, formed in the heat of the Spanish conquest. An America of contrasts, but always fascinating.

We invite you to visit our museum. Let yourself be guided by the voices of the mummy Mamacocha and the chronicler Don Hernando. Their viewpoints don’t often align, but it’s fun to listen to both of them.

The traveler facing the unknown may feel fear or anxiety, but curiosity envelops them and they allow themselves to be caught up in the mysteries. Here are places to stick your nose in.


It is said of Mamacocha, that she lived centuries ago in an indeterminate region that could be located in what is now Peru.

Mamacocha belonged to a powerful and cultured family. She was versed in all the arts and knowledge of her time. But before she died, she asked the gods to let her fulfill her desire to remain in this world.

She asked her relatives to never let her shroud lack abundant food, drink and shelter. And they fulfilled her request.

Surrounded by jars full of chuño, quinoa, choclo, potatoes, chicha, coca, and a huge blanket woven with soft vicuna wool, she faces eternity and since ancient times she is present to give her voice on matters that she knows better than anyone.

Don Hernando Vega de Torrevieja del Mar, from Alicante, in the Kingdom of Valencia, was a chronicler of the Indies in the service of His Majesty Charles I.

He traveled to the Americas a few years after the Pizarro brothers had conquered Peru. He embarked on the journey driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, not so much by the search for wealth, although he would not have despised it if he had found it.

This enlightened adventurer has left us invaluable testimonies with his pen. After thirty years wandering the lands of the new world, he returned to his homeland, not rich in metals but in wisdom, to give final shape to his chronicles and find a publisher.

Indies Post

News from the New World under the care of Don Hernando Vega. Anyone who considers themselves a Renaissance man will inform themselves from a good source of the vicissitudes, curiosities, and calamities of the Indian lands and their inhabitants. They will also know about the rich benefits or extreme difficulties of living on this land. READ, TRAVELER.

Inn of the Oath Hostel

This hostel is built on an ancient site from the time of the Conquest. In the 16th century, an inn called “Alvar Mayor” operated there. Among jugs of liquor, the patrons would relate their adventures in unknown territories. Today, travelers from all over the world continue to share stories and advice for the journey. COME IN, DRINK WITH US.